Financing Solutions


Financing Solutions

Equipment Financing

Need new equipment for your
business to grow and reach
its full potential?

Corva Capital provides an array
of financial solutions allowing you
to purchase the equipment you need and continue to grow your business.

Capital Projects

We understand that your capital
projects have many moving parts. That is why we have perfected our unique ability to fund 100% of your
project and wrap it all into one simple monthly payment. What about delivery, installation, and other soft costs? We can cover that too.

Sale -Leaseback

Need working capital for
your business?

We have the ability to recapitalize the equipment you own, and get your business the capital it needs.

The Benefits of Working with Corva Capital

To lease or to buy, that is the question faced by businesses across the country. Here are a few things to consider when trying to decide if leasing is a better option than buying.

Tax Advantages

One of the most significant advantages to leasing over buying are the tax benefits. If structured correctly, lease payments, unlike loan payments, can be expensed in the period they are paid as a general operating cost.

Save Money

By leasing, a company can finance 100 percent of its equipment costs. Since a lease often does not require a down payment, security deposit or origination fee, a business can use capital or other credit means to invest in their company

Makes Budgeting Easier

Leasing allows a company to acquire equipment immediately without a huge cash outlay. Also, if structured correctly, a lease provides a monthly expense that doesn’t change.

Avoid Inflation

The terms of most leases are fixed. Therefore when the “real cost” of the lease is adjusted for inflation, a business can actually save money over time. The net cost of the lease will actually decrease while gross revenues increase.

Leasing keeps equipment up to date and businesses competitive

A rule of thumb from businesses and financial advisors encourages businesses to match the productive life of an asset with the liability associated with that asset’s acquisition

Leasing provides the kind of flexibility that buying can’t

Leasing allows a business to evolve and change with its industry, and it can provide short-term solutions that encourage long-term growth
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